Welcome to the ElderCraft Wiki

ElderCraft is a fantasy Minecraft mod made using MCreator , a mod developing tool created by Pylo. The mod is only in its Alpha stages and any help towards both this Wiki and the mod would be gratefully accepted.

In the future, I hope to add many more blocks and items to the mod, making it an immersive addition to the standard and sometimes bland vanilla Minecraft.



Tools and Weapons

How Can You Help

You can help out with both this wiki and the ElderCraft mod itself simply by leaving suggestions on my talk page. I will promise to search through and I will add any suggestions that I feel would suit the mod. Also, as the mod is in its early stages, this wiki should be teeming with red links. Click one and add some information about that block or item - it would really help us out!

What's New

Here are the latest additions to the mod:

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